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Avocado oil

Avocado oil


Olive oil has so many benefits for hair, thanks to its abundance of vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It activates growth and restores elasticity and shine to your hair. We recommend that you choose avocado oil for natural hair.

How to use Avocado Oil?

Directly on the scalp

If you suffer from dandruff, you can massage a few drops of avocado oil onto your scalp before washing your hair. This moisturizes your scalp as well as your hair, so it appears soft and healthy. Don't hesitate to massage your scalp at the same time to activate blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.

To maximize the benefits of your products

If you're worried about greasy hair and don't want to spend all your time letting the oil act on your hair, you can incorporate all the benefits of avocado oil into your daily beauty routine. To change your hair products, add a few drops of avocado oil before use.

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