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Moringa Ointment 3.53oz

Moringa Ointment 3.53oz


The best hair moisturizer: our Moringa hair growth pomade considerably softens and nourishes your hair. Our nourishing scalp wax will refresh you and relieve dry scalp problems thanks to its moisturizing oils. It's also ideal as a nourishing beard balm.

Essential for hair growth: Every girl wants long, healthy hair, so we offer you the best formula for strengthening your hair. By massaging the balm through your roots, you'll achieve long, lush hair, stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth. This hair treatment wax will also repair split ends and put an end to breakage. Experience this hair fertilizer today.

Perfect for styling: if you're tired of combing your hair, you don't have to worry about it anymore. Our Moringa hair care gel helps braid and shape your hair. 

Zest of Moringa hair wax provides a strong hold and base so you can easily twist and style your hair. Get a sexy look with tight braids using our Moringa hair pomade. Ideal for children and adults.

Pleasant smell: if you have a smell in your hair, this fertilizing pomade is perfect for you.


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