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Oil serum

Oil serum


Growth oil is a circulatory tonic for the blood and lymphatic systems, facilitating local microcirculation. Thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, this oil helps combat dandruff problems. The vitamin E it contains helps combat hair aging and premature hair loss. The vitamin C present in the natural plants used acts as an antioxidant and ensures that each hair bulb is firmly attached to the root. To see real effects on hair growth, however, you'll need to wait a few weeks with regular use. Be patient, and the results will be astonishing!


The benefits for you :

Is your hair brittle and does its growth seem to be slowing down? Do you suffer from mild to moderate hair loss? It's a well-known fact that by stimulating the hair follicle and strengthening the hair fiber, Growth Oil helps hair grow. Most of our customers notice that, from the very first use, their hair looks shinier and less dry.


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